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gearhead girls racing is connecting America’s racing ladies with the Speed Sisters, the first all-woman motor racing team in the Middle East, at a once-in-a-lifetime track day and reception at Lime Rock Park and the Falls Village Inn in northwest Connecticut.

On Monday, March 3, gearhead girls racing will host Marah Zahalka, a young Speed Sister slated to speak at TEDxTeen in New York about her journey as a driver in Jenin. Marah bonded with four other Speed Sisters over a common desire to live life on their own terms; now she’s here to drive on American soil and share her story.

The track day and reception on March 3 creates an opportunity for women from both sides of the world to celebrate what can be accomplished when a team pushes ahead at full speed. Be there to participate in making history!

Can’t attend but want to support this amazing event? You can do so through paypal! For every contribution over $30, we’ll send you an autographed hat! Please click on the logos below!

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Speed Sisters March 3, 2014