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gearhead girls aren’t just fast racers, they’re fast racing women. They need to be safe AND look good out on the track.

PaddockScene gets the Green Flag!

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Green, green, green!

PS goes live to the world.


Boston, MA: After a month of successful beta testing and listening to  feedback, PaddockScene has already made many improvements. So, they are forging ahead and transitioning over to their full live site.

PaddockScene is an easy-to-use automotive event directory. Find and share races and events that are happening near you. PaddockScene believes that gearheads deserve to know what is going on near them without looking at two dozen websites. Join them! You can build your full automotive calendar, and contribute events that you are attending, organizing, or promoting. Check out the press release below straight from our good friends at PaddockScene!

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Keeping Your Cool Inside the Racecar – Cool Suits and Vests

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Big thanks to our friends at Go Ahead Take The Wheel for this fine article on beating the heat

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It’s damn hot outside! You’re now sitting inside your racecar on grid which makes it even hotter then to make things worse, you’re wearing a full Nomex racing suit and a helmet.  Immediately you feel the sweat begin to build up, are uncomfortable and just want to get on with the race. A part of you wishes you didn’t remove the A/C from the car as you sure wouldn’t mind having some cool air directed towards you. Did I say it’s freaking hot? Finally the five minute warning is announced and you’re directed out onto the track. Adrenaline kicks in and you don’t recognize the heat anymore. Although after the race, you’re completely soaked in sweat. Nasty! All you can think about is getting into some clean, dry clothes. Most of us know this feeling all too well and it’s not pleasant but can mostly be avoided.

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You can own Dave Gran’s 1987 Honda Prelude Si!

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Dave Gran, author of Go Ahead – Take the Wheel, is on a mission to spread the racing drug one person at a time! And he takes this responsibility so seriously, he is selling his car!

2010 Track Season Begins and Stand 21 Suits

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“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

gearhead girls racing is thrilled to be back at the track.
Opening day, April 2nd was picture perfect at our home track, Lime Rock Park. 70 degrees F, crystal clear blue skies, great driving friends and family all gathered to rejoice being alive and doing what we love . . . driving fast!
And for those who were with us this past weekend, we had the breath-taking good fortune to share the tarmac with the incomparable Sam Posey, the amazing 2010 SLS AMG Mercedes Benz and Sam’s own timeless, 50’s era gullwing.
We are off to a great start and ready for an exciting new season. And we are sporting a new look thanks to our distinguished friends at the incomparable stand21!

Click on the photo for stand21’s current newsletter and to see ggr’s letter of thanks!

Stand 21 USA – Georgia
Toll free: 1-877- STAND21
Phone number : 770-965-7880
Website :

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