Speed Sisters Tear up Toronto!

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As many of you know, we have been fans of the Speed Sisters since they captured our spirits and hearts at Lime Rock Park on March 3, 2014. Now, with the official release of the documentary, Speed Sisters, they are on the world stage, sharing their story with audiences across the globe, smashing stereotypes and winning more hearts along the way.

We had the honor of being in Toronto on April 29th to attend the International Premiere along with the cast and crew. The spotlight was bright . . .

Below are some of the reviews and the Official Trailer! And there are some special thanks at the bottom of this post to the wonderful people we met during our travels . . .

The Hollywood Reporter – click here for the full review
“Delivering a lively portrait of its trailblazing subjects….Speed Sisters is an eye-opening doc that succeeds in its goal of shattering stereotypes”

Indiewire – click here for the full review
Speed Sisters listed by Anthony Kaufman in Indiewire as one of the 8 great discoveries at Hot Docs! He says: “On the surface, this chronicle of a team of Palestinian female racecar drivers looks like your standard crowd-pleasing competition documentary, transplanted to the Middle East with a feminist spin. And while it is that, it’s also a refreshing stereotype-breaker and a vivid illustration of the diversity of the Palestinian experience.”

Toronto Film Scene – click here for the full review
“This documentary offers up a dynamic picture. . . These women are inspiring, intelligent, and very admirable because of their determination.”

Cinefilles – click here for the full review
“ . . . what’s incredible is how Fares manages to tell that story, the story of continuing struggle between nations, through these women and their attempts to become the “Fastest Female Driver” in Palestine . . . The Speed Sisters themselves should be considered the true heroines here, as they not only opened up their lives to Fares and her cameras, but continue to live them at full speed without any real protection. These girls are living fast, furious and fearless, and you’d be remiss not to race to see them action.”

Indiewire – click here for the full review
“While Vin Diesel and co. are crushing the box office with “Furious 7,” thanks to the franchise’s increasing series of improbable mega-stunts, nothing beats the real thing. In an unlikely part of the world, an even unlikelier group of drivers are making waves with their skills behind the wheel.”

Hot Docs: ‘Speed Sisters’: Fast and furious on West Bank

IMG_9124Metro News Toronto editors pick Speed Sisters as two of the best films to see at Hot Docs!

New Canadian Media – click here for the full review
“…it provides a glimpse into the present day life in Palestine, which is beyond the monotonous narrow portrayal often shown in the mainstream news. And yet, its foray into the subject of women in sports is of universal relevance.”

Vice.com – click here for the full review
“It’s Palestine as you’ve never seen it before, and it’s certainly not the image of Middle Eastern women presented in mainstream Western media.”

Indiewire – click here for the full article
Amber Fares: “Never take no for an answer and trust your instincts — especially first-time filmmakers. There is no set way to do anything. Trust your instincts and act on that.”

Indiewire – click here for the full article
Amber Fares: “You have to be open to change and what’s unfolding in front of you.”

We also want to thank all of the wonderful people we met on our journey to Toronto. You made this solo adventurer feel welcomed and part of the family. Looking forward to coming back soon with friends!

Windows” by Jamie Kennedy, Niagara Falls. Thank you, Corey!
Niagara Parks – simply stunning
The Harbour House Hotel – Niagara on the Lake. Sumptuous living
The Hob Nob Restaurant – Niagara on the Lake. Divine cuisine and dessert!
Dillon’s Distillery – 22 Botanicals! Thank you Whitney and Corey!
Kew Vineyards – outstanding atmosphere, people and wines. BLANC DE NOIR! A White sparkling wine from a red grape! Be still my taste buds!
Hilton Toronto – Simply wonderful people here. Thank you Mary Tibaldi (miracle worker), Takar, and all the valet staff who cared for the orange beast as if it were their own!
Nota Bene – the name should be spoken in hushed tones as the atmosphere, cuisine, sprits, desserts and staff will take your breath away. Taylor, Alex, Alanna, Geoff – brilliant. The only Riesling (“Sand and Gravel” Ravine Vineyard but exclusive to Nota Bene!) I have not just enjoyed, but have been swept away by. Not to be missed. PS Nota Bene, we might never have found you if not for Laurie R’s recommendation. She deserves a free meal and the Sand & Gravel at every visit!
Richmond Limousine Service – Another Mary Tibaldi Miracle! Thank you Fred and Michelle. And huge thanks to my driver, Me Umar, who not only made certain the Orange Beast got nestled back at the Hilton safely and soundly, but also saw to it that the rest of the entourage got back to the TIFF after mistakenly following him away from the theater drop off!
Parlour Foods – No better spot for an International Premiere after-party . . .

3 responses to “Speed Sisters Tear up Toronto!

  1. Katherine Hooker

    Next year’s Collinsville Film Fest?

  2. From the Speed Sisters website:

    “An eye-opening doc that succeeds in its goal of shattering stereotypes.”
    – The Hollywood Reporter

    “Not any film can draw car buffs, feminist rock bands, young Muslim women, Palestine solidarity activists, Jewish community groups and university students into the same room. After only four public screenings in North America, we’ve seen the potential of Speed Sisters to bring together unlikely groups for nuanced conversations. As the film upends common assumptions about women (and men) in the Middle East, audiences reflect more deeply on what equality means in their own contexts. As Marah, Betty, Noor, Mona and Maysoon experience inequality and oppression in the form of military occupation, audiences ask questions both about the circumstances that could lead to freedom for Palestinians and about the obstacles in their own lives keeping them from pursuing their dreams. All that and it’s an action-packed competition story with a rockin’ soundtrack!”

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