Shea Holbrook: Dream. Believe. Support. Achieve.

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Our primary mission at gearhead girls racing: raise awareness, make a difference.

I have asked a great deal of this generous GHG community all year and I am humbled by the response and results . . .

Shea Holbrook was the first to acknowledge GHG and lend us her unyielding support over the years.

And now we want to give back.

For lots of reasons.

Foremost for GHG? Shea has been and continues to be an exemplary role model not just for girls and women in motorsports – but for all of us, no matter our interests, age or gender.

Shea started a campaign some 18 days ago to expand the Shea Racing enterprise she built with smarts, passion and tireless focus. To date she has raised over $20k, 67% of the $30k Shea Racing needs to fund this expansion.

There are 12 days remaining in Shea’s campaign. We at GHG would be so grateful and humbled if you would consider joining us in support of Shea. Her aims have always been high and true – qualities we prize here at GHG.

For more information, please click on Shea’s Hero Card above.

Thank you for this remarkable year,

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