gearhead girls (and guys!) of All Nations Unite

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Fresh off of our event hosting Speed Sister Marah Zahalka at Lime Rock Park and the Falls Village Inn on March 3rd, gearhead girls racing has been asked to help raise some of the additional funds needed to bring the Speed Sisters documentary to the big screen.

Speed Sisters’ goal is to raise $60k in 60 days. gearhead girls racing is determined to raise $20k, or 1/3rd of that overall target!

If anyone can do it, we can! Together we can make small (and large!) US tax deductible donations add up fast if there are enough of us to help.

My ask to each of you is to tap into that same spirit that raised $1500 at the Falls Village Inn on March 3rd. To get us started on this “race to the finish,” gearhead girls racing has gifted a matching $1500 contribution to the Speed Sisters documentary. Enough to push Speed Sisters over the $5,000 milestone!

For those of you who contribute, please drop me a note by clicking here and include the amount of your donation so we can track our progress!

Donate today at

Thank you for your past generosity and your consideration on this final sprint. We are all Speed Sisters.



Crowdhoster will send your contribution directly to WOMEN MAKE MOVIES, a 501(c)(3) non-profit media arts organization registered with the New York Charities Bureau of New York State. As the fiscal sponsor of SPEED SISTERS, Women Make Movies accepts donations or grants on behalf of the project and is responsible for administering the funds received in support of the development and completion of this production.

Your contribution, minus the value of any goods you receive as perks, is tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law. You will automatically receive a receipt by email when you make a contribution.

By supporting this film you join the global community of Speed Sisters (and Brothers!). It takes a community to make a film. Thankfully, we have the best community around! Please help Speed Sisters get to the finish line. All donations – no matter how big or small – help.

Donate today at

Recap of the press received at our March 3rd event at Lime Rock Park and the Falls Village Inn:


Courtesy of Car and Driver

Courtesy of Fox News Connecticut:

Courtesy of Rural Intelligence

Courtesy of The Speed Sisters and Eric Allegretti

Courtesy of Robin Hood Radio

 Courtesy of Robin Hood Radio: Live interview with Marshall Miles

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