Speed Sister Marah Zahalka: At Home and In the Mood at Lime Rock Park

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On Monday, March 3, gearhead girls racing, in affiliation with Lime Rock Park, The Lime Rock Park Drivers Club, PaddockScene (who developed a micro-site just for this event at http://paddockscene.com/speedsisters), Brimlight Caps, MilsteinMati-3493the Falls Village Inn, Renee Dupuis, Vicki O’Connor, Lyn St James and Shea Holbrook, hosted Marah Zahalka, a young Speed Sister who was in town to speak at TEDxTeen in New York about her journey as a driver in Jenin, part of the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Marah bonded with four other Speed Sisters over a common desire to live life on their own terms. On March 3rd, Marah came to the Secret Corner of Connecticut to drive on American soil, share her story and show her American Speed Sisters just why she holds the title as the “Fastest Woman in Palestine.”MilsteinMati-5304

img_0722From what we and our hard core guests discovered on a blistering cold day, Marah holds the title as the “Fastest Woman in Connecticut, in the snow!”img_0723

For those who could not join us to celebrate Marah and the Speed Sisters in person, we have compiled a “journal” of sights and sounds from the day. We hope you enjoy the ride . . . And for those who were there, we hope you enjoy the memories of one truly remarkable day.

We want to thank the entire crew from the Speed Sisters documentary team for their partnership, spirit and courage in braving the elements and allowing MilsteinMati-5591gearhead girls racing, the Falls Village Inn, Lime Rock Park and The Lime Rock Drivers Club to host this most amazing and uplifting event. Big shout outs to Amber Fares, the director; Mati Milstein, photo-journalist; Rhana Natour, interpreter; and MilsteinMati-5396Khaled Zahalka, Marah’s dad. And special thanks to those from Speed Sisters who could not be with us, but were there in spirit: Avi Goldstein, producer; Jessica Devaney, producer; and Sue Sanders, International Training Programme Manager, MSA.

MilsteinMati-5286We also want to thank the journalists who joined us at Lime Rock Park and the Falls Village Inn for  seeing in this story something worth sharing with Connecticut and the world. Thank you Jim Altman of Fox News Connecticut; Marshall Miles of Robin Hood Radio; Lisa Green of Rural Intelligence; Ruth Epstein of the Republican-American; Andrew Collins of Jalopnik, Truck Yeah; Don Klein of Car and Driver, Dave MilsteinMati-5484Gran of Go Ahead Take the Wheel, Erika Detota of Female Racing News, Sarah Taylor of scoobies for boobies, and Walter Hergt.

And finally, four ultra special “THANKS!” First to my good friend, Renee Dupuis, without whom none img_0736of this would have happened. Had it not been for a last minute invite back in September 2013, the power of networking would not have taken hold to make this event possible. Second to Mike Geyselaers, Nancy Eppley and the incredible staff at Lime Rock Park who worked tirelessly to combat the ravages of nature MilsteinMati-5241and groom the auto crosses just for this event. Third to Susan Sweetapple, Colin Chambers and their terrific staff at the Falls Village Inn for opening on a Monday night to cater the reception and fundraiser. And fourth to Vicki O’Connor who sent a simple email to gearhead girls racing one wintry Saturday in early February asking if we would be interesting in putting a little something together while Marah was in town . . .MilsteinMati-5176

img_0687      img_0677 img_0674

About the Speed Sisters: The Middle East’s first all-women motor racing team has come together in Palestine. Against a backdrop of political upheaval, the Speed Sisters documentary offers a surprising look into what it takes to go further and faster than anyone thought you could. !The film has been supported by the Sundance Institute and BritDoc Foundation, and has already built an enthusiastic global audience. Articles about the Speed Sisters have appeared in dozens of top publications; tens of thousands of people have already viewed and shared the trailer for this work in progress.

And now the Speed Sisters have officially launched their crowd funding campaign at: https://donate.speedsisters.tv/race-to-the-finish.

And they are down to the homestretch! After 4 years of working on this project they are very (!!) close to the finish line. They are trying to raise $60K to finish editing, creating a kick-ass soundtrack with amazing indie Arab artists and graphics/sound that will plant you right in the middle of the races.*

It takes a community to make a film. Thankfully, we have the best community around! Please help Speed Sisters get to the finish line. All donations – no matter how big or small – help.

*All donations are tax deductible in the US.



 Courtesy of Fox News Connecticut


If you cannot view the video below, please watch it on YouTube at: http://youtu.be/lmPnR7J3XtU


Courtesy of Robin Hood Radio

 Courtesy of Robin Hood Radio: Live interview with Marshall Miles


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