Mary Wheeler, Susie Wolff: “Women With Drive”

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A good friend and fan of GHG led us to an article published by Red Giant in the prestigious Goodwood Magazine. We found this to be a good read and a telling story of just how driven women were and continue to be in finding their line.
The British Women Racing Drivers’ Club, formed after Mary wheeler discovered the thrill of speed at the Goodwood circuit, paved the way. now Susie Wolff is knocking on the door of F1
WORDS Karen Kay

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When Mary Wheeler {fig.1}, then a recently widowed
49-year-old grandmother, discovered the thrill of racing her Triumph TR2
around the Goodwood circuit, her newfound passion for speed led her to
form the British Women Racing Drivers’ Club. That was in 1962 and the 30
founding members were invited to join in order to give them a collective
voice and a platform to participate in a sport dominated by men.

Today, the BWRDC membership has swelled to 150, of which 97 are
actively racing in different categories, including karting (12 members),
rallying (15), speed (including hillclimb – 20) and race (50), with the
remaining membership consisting of officials and wheelers (former racers).

That some of those women are making serious inroads in the maledominated
world of motorsport is a tribute to their steely determination
to challenge the notion that their sport is a niche sideshow.

‘When I’m behind the wheel, with my helmet on, no one knows it is
a woman driving,’ says 30-year-old Susie Wolff {fig.2}, currently the only female
driver on the Formula One circuit and, The Fastest Woman in the World,
according to the title of a recent BBC documentary.

We invite you to read the full article at the link below!

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