DeltaWing and Katherine Legge at the Northeast Grand Prix, Lime Rock Park, CT

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Story by Rock Rizzo, who finished 26th in the 1961 24 Hours of Le Mans, co-driving Stuff One Economu…


Reprinted with permission from Lime Rock Park

How’s this for total coolness?

It’s been confirmed that the wonderfully outrageous DeltaWing is racing at Lime Rock Park in the American Le Mans Northeast Grand Prix. Hundreds of thousands of racing fans have been twitching in anticipation of the DeltaWing racing somewhere on the East Coast. And that day has arrived. July 6, less than a month from now.

If you have not seen the DeltaWing up close, we guarantee you will be amazed when you get here.

(For you impatient folks, click here to go the DeltaWing website for photos, videos, backgrounder, the whole McGillicutty.)

Did you know that this car started life as a concept presented to IndyCar, who wanted to replace its aging spec Dallara chassis? IndyCar turned it down 🙁

Most racing people thought, No way is this going to work. It’s shaped like a tricycle, for goodness sake! How’s it going to turn? Tricycles tip when you corner hard!

But the DeltaWing designer – Ben Bowlby – so believed in the car that he approached the American Le Mans Series and the ACO, the organizers of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, to ask if he could run it in a Le Mans Prototype class. The “Yes” came in about the same amount of time it’ll take the DeltaWing to lap Lime Rock: less than 50 seconds.

By June of 2012, the DeltaWing entered its first race, Le Mans. It was running great until it got punted off by an LMP1 car, about 7 hours in. Then it went to Road Atlanta in October of 2012 for the Petit Le Mans. It was a star, finishing fifth after starting DFL.

With this momentum, the DeltaWing went to Sebring this past March for the 12-hour – but mechanical gremlins parked the car after just two hours. Undeterred, the car went to Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca last month for the ALMS Monterey event and finished third in the LMP1 class.

And guess who was co-driving with British star Andy Meyrick? Katherine Legge, considered by many as the world’s current best woman driver. She and Andy are the DeltaWing pilots – a more appropriate term than ever – at Lime Rock Park for the big race.


Look, if us jaded racing folks are shivering with antici… pation about the DeltaWing racing here at Lime Rock, then you folks with even an ounce of racing blood in your veins should be too.

Don’t miss seeing this car in its East Coast debut. Buy a ticket to the ALMS Northeast Grand Prix — and prove our faith in you, ok?

Think Wing!
The Racing Fans at Lime Rock Park
860.435.5000 for tickets and information

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