Keeping Your Cool Inside the Racecar – Cool Suits and Vests

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Big thanks to our friends at Go Ahead Take The Wheel for this fine article on beating the heat

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It’s damn hot outside! You’re now sitting inside your racecar on grid which makes it even hotter then to make things worse, you’re wearing a full Nomex racing suit and a helmet.  Immediately you feel the sweat begin to build up, are uncomfortable and just want to get on with the race. A part of you wishes you didn’t remove the A/C from the car as you sure wouldn’t mind having some cool air directed towards you. Did I say it’s freaking hot? Finally the five minute warning is announced and you’re directed out onto the track. Adrenaline kicks in and you don’t recognize the heat anymore. Although after the race, you’re completely soaked in sweat. Nasty! All you can think about is getting into some clean, dry clothes. Most of us know this feeling all too well and it’s not pleasant but can mostly be avoided.

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