Our European Tour: Day One

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DAY ONE, Sunday, Sept 25, 2011
Frankfurt to Nurburg / Nurburgring / Nurburg to Spa

A Saturday evening departure from Newark put us in Frankfurt at 9am Sunday morning. Our answer to jet lag: drive fast, laugh with gusto, enjoy the company of good friends, meet new friends, eat well, have a stein or two or more of beer, drink fine wine and go nonstop until midnight local time.

Our adventures on Day One included spirited motoring to Nurburg to pick up our track cars at RSRNurburg (more to come about this fine group in our next post). While we waited, and in proper American form, we decided to take our transport, a 9 passenger Mercedes Vito Mini Van for a lap of the Ring …. at speed – as much speed as a mini van with 10 Americans can muster. See our in-van video below! Unplugged and unfiltered:

Then we convoyed our collection of 9 autos (Exiges and Renaults) through the German countryside and into the wilds of Belgium. Our destination: Spa Francorchamps.

We checked in our hotel La Source around 5.45pm, in time to listen to the closing dins of the historic races at this fabled track, which boasts the Spa Six Hours. By the time we finished checking in, the crowds had left, the drivers and crew had departed to the local pubs and restaurants. All that remained as testimony to the day’s events were historic cars being rolled onto transporters by the crews that had been left behind.

This of course encouraged a journey into the quieting magic of the track and paddock. Entering on foot onto the awesome hairpin that gives way to Eau Rouge, was an inspiration. The excitement and beauty of the vintage cars being packed up, the track itself and the surrounding vistas of the Belgium countryside caused me to forget all time and allowed me to immerse myself in the awe of the moment.

So immersed, in fact, that I did not realize the track was being locked up – and me in it! Ordinarily a dream come true …. But as my car was not with me a dream with some missing pieces. Thank goodness for the elevation changes as eventually I was able to find a section of fence with just enough space for me to crawl under!

The evening began and ended at the beautiful Le Val d’Ambleve hotel and restaurant….. where we met new friends and reminisced on the stunning start to our adventures so far.
for those who prefer to view the still photos rather than the slideshow, please visit the Gallery on our website at:

We hope you’ll be patient as we chronicle our high adventures. It took us only 6 days to live what could easily have been an itinerary for 6 weeks – so putting all of the pictures, video, stories and information together will be a labor of love. So, please stay tuned as gearhead girls racing takes you through each of our 6 days in Europe, which will include:
  • In-car videos from our track days at Spa Francorchamps and the Nurburgring
  • An ultra-VIP Porsche Factory Tour thanks to Joe In Cognito!
  • An afternoon floating through the beautifully lit Porsche Museum, filled with stunning examples of Porsche history and excellence. 
  • The Oktoberfest in Munich!
  • And daring onboard video from our gearhead girls Segway tour of lovely Munich: a city steeped in history, yet hip to river surfing and very cool nightclubs.

And, as always, if you have any questions along the way, please write to us at:

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  1. Can’t wait to read more and live vicariously through what sounds like a whirlwind six days!

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