“Schneller und schneller wir gehen”

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“Schneller und schneller wir gehen”
(faster and faster we go!)

For weeks we have been studying and practicing driving Spa and the Nurburgring. In a few short hours we start our new adventure! Spa and the “green hell” will jump off the video screen and we will be inserted into the picture . . . for real.

On Monday, gearhead girls racing and several other members of the Lime Rock Drivers Club will have the privilege, like so many other of the world’s best drivers, to drive Spa. ¬†We will spend eight exhilirating, heart-pounding hours driving this famed track.

On Tuesday, the group travels back to Germany to drive the 170 turns of the Nurburgring.  Another eight hours on one of the best and most mythical racing venues in all the world.

And as if that is not enough excitement for one week, we will spend Thursday at the Porsche factory and Museum. Another dream come true.

Stay tuned as we shall be posting multi-media updates as each magical day comes to a close.

Have questions for us while we are abroad? Please send them to us at Dear Steph! We’ll answer fast – maybe even in between laps!

2 responses to ““Schneller und schneller wir gehen”

  1. I am green with envy! Strap it on girl!……………B

    • Getting ready to start our engines soon, Bruce! It is a gorgeous morning at Spa and the circuit awaits! Lots of pictures and tales to come!

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