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Question from Kathy: What are your race day habits? Do you have a certain meal you eat? A lucky pair of socks? Please take us through your race day preparations.

Shea’s Answer: No “lucky” pair of socks for me! I found that preparing mentally for a race has been extremely beneficial in my success on track. Before, during and after a race weekend I run through things and they way I want them to play out. Now, most of the time that hardly ever happens! If there’s a change in the vision I prepared for, I adapt. I really believe in myself and the team. I’m a pretty social person but about an hour before the race I’m really hard to find and don’t speak much. This is my time to really think and remember key points. On pre grid I sit in my car, close my eyes and run a perfect lap. Then I typically pump myself up a bit and smack my fists into my hands, repeatedly. I’ll look around me, see my competitors, close my eyes, and vision winning the race.

Shea Holbrook
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