Katie Day

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Racing is a sport that allows me to push my limits and escape reality for twenty heart pounding laps; my name is Katie and I am a twenty-five year old spec Miata racer. I was born in rural-one stop light in the wholetown-Connecticut, needless to say there was not much to do. Since I was young,I have spent the majority of my free time around cars and animals, the two things I loved most. My passion for competition and speed began with horsebackriding at age 5, a sport I pursued for twelve years. I learned focus and drive and developed a love for individual based competition.

When I wasn’t competing with my horse, I devoted my time to working on cars with my dad. My first car was a 1995 red Acura Integra, at the time, my favorite car on the street. I spent hours making it the way I imagined, dark purple, white rims and a front spoiler.

At eighteen I attended college in Boston, it became difficult to find time for riding but I never lost the passion. I went to as many of my dad’s races as possible during the summer season and began to crave the speed and excitement. It was then I knew I wanted to create a father daughter racing team someday.

For graduation I was given the Skip Barber 3-day racing course, I knew this was my chance to learn the techniques of the sport, to gain experience and the chance to show I possessed the focus and drive to race on my own. The three days came and went and I just couldn’t get the rush out of my system. A few months later I received a phone call from my parents saying that they bought a Miata my dad and I could race together. We immediately got to work turning the street car into a racecar and somehow managed to complete it just in time for the race season. I am currently in my second season and can’t get enough. My dad and I have created our family racing team, “DayDreams”.

I have been a member of the SCCA Northeast Region forover 5 years and have had the opportunity to race at NH Speedway as well as my home track Limerock Park.  Though I am only in my second season of racing, I have experienced both the highs, a lot of seat time, as well as the lows, a serious crash.  My crash was a temporary set back that taught me to respect the power of my car, that safety comes before all else, and above all, to continue with what I love. This past winter we added another Spec Miata to our team, allowing me to race side by side with my dad.  This season I hope to travel to more tracks and gain additional experience to better my racing.  Being one of the only females at the track makes me proud to represent women in a male dominated sport.

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