Susan Young

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I write the “Revvin’ in SEDiv” column for SportsCar Magazine. The SE Division I write and photograph about includes the Daytona, Sebring, VIR tracks, etc. Plus Solo, Rallycross, Hillclimbs, and every aspect of driving, wrenching, and volunteering for SCCA. (As an outdoor writer and photographer, most of what I cover is kayaking, hiking, fishing, etc.)

My husband Perry and I joined SCCA in 2002. He began autocrossing his Miata, then quickly moved into Spec Miata at the Roebling and CMP tracks. Naturally, I began photographing the cars and getting to know the people. Then we moved to Florida and Perry began racing at Daytona and Sebring in the FP class. When the SEDiv column needed a new writer, Perry suggested that I send in some samples of my stories and photos. SportsCar contacted me and said, “Can you put together a column in a week?” And that was it, off to the races, literally! The best part about the column is talking to all the wonderful people in SEDiv. (Including lots of female drivers and volunteers!) ┬áThe hard part is collecting enough varied “human interest” stories from around SEDiv for each month’s column.

Many years ago, my original intro to racing was creating advertising art and writing for Murdoch Racing Enterprises. They were champions in top-fuel drag racing…motorcycles! They taught me to ride a street bike, which I greatly enjoyed. One of the high points was going to work their booth at Bike Week and getting to chat with Evel Knievel.

And just recently I was a judge for the “Dirty Pictures” photo contest for RallyCross!

It really is the people- the “character” of racing and motorsports that make it appealing to me. And there are still very few women writers and photographers in racing…but we’re growing.

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